Message from the Management Team

I think its only right that after Saturday’s defeat we take the time to speak to the supporters and members and tell them what we are up to and how we want to move forward. We can only apologise that we’ve not spoken sooner really but as you can all imagine there has been a lot going on.

Obviously, the last three games have been below par from what we expect. Given the way we played at Maine Road, and battled from the off to get the three points, then the strong performance at Vics, and getting a point at high-flying Charnock Richard, I think its come as a shock to see us being a bit flat recently.

But we just want everyone to stick with us, keep our heads up and face the challenges ahead with 100% effort and see where that takes us. Of course, you look at the league table and the fixtures remaining and to the outside world, it looks a tough ask. However, we believe, firmly, that if we put in the effort that we know we can, then we will be in the mix to stay up right until the end.

We cant hide from the table and we can easily look back over the season and the mistakes made and blame them but its time for us to be as one now and give that effort and see where it takes us, either way we will only come back stronger from this experience.

We are hoping to bring in a few more players, hungry players, who are here for the right reasons and can only help us push forward because ultimately, all we can ask is that players give us 100% and if they do that, and we give 100% and you as supporters and members give us your 100% then we firmly believe we will get it right.

We know the Club are ready to make massive strides forward over the next couple of months and we know that every factor of the Club needs to be as one, and we see it as our job to make that happen because everything done here revolves around what goes on, on the pitch and we can promise you that we will give our all, and we will only have players here who also will give their all because otherwise, there is no point.

We will go into our next game, as always, looking to come away with three points, and the effort will be there because that desire to win burns deep inside us all who have remained loyal to the club, and we want this to spread to others with every game, cheering us on in our fight.

As always, we thank you for your excellent support.

Ben & Stu

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