Chris Stammers : The First Interview

On Tuesday evening, the AFC Liverpool board met with new manager Chris Stammers to discuss plans for the new season. Afterwards, Chris sat down with the club media team to answer a few questions..

You have coached and managed at different levels including pro club academies and Evo-Stik teams. What brought you back to AFC Liverpool?

“I said it in the interview, for me, this is a big club in this league that’s probably under-performed in recent seasons. To have the opportunity just for an interview was a massive plus, and to be offered the job now and take the club forward on the pitch is really exciting for me. It’s also great to have this link with Marine, who many would consider the premier non-league team in Liverpool, with this superb ground, and it gives us the platform to all move forward together.”

Reserve Team Manager George Marsh, Club Chairman Chris Stirrup, First Team Manager Chris Stammers

What are your ambitions for the team this year? Do you expect a change of personnel?

I think there will be some new faces. I want to bring in young energetic hungry players from within the community in Liverpool, because I think a lot of them get missed, and try and help us progress up the ladder as quickly as possible. The realistic target this year is to improve on the league positions of the last couple of seasons, and if we can get up at the top end of the table, that is going to be a bonus. Then you use that as a foundation and move forward again.

How would you describe your style of play?

My ideal style of play is playing football on the floor. I grew up watching¬† 70’s and 80’s great Liverpool passing teams, so to be in charge of a team with that Liverpool identity, set up by LFC fans, playing in red, well it will be a dream to have a team get to a level that can play as successfully as Liverpool did then.
There are current managers I admire, Klopp, Guardiola, who employ that style of play –¬† high energy, pressing football, moving the ball quickly. I want entertaining football that brings fans back for more, and let everyone enjoy what we are here to offer – good football at an affordable price.

What are your memories of your first spell at AFC Liverpool?

My memory is of the flags at the ground, particularly those for individual players, and the songs being sung. Players like James Dever and Deano – it was a huge boost for them. It made a young club feel like it was something massive. The clubs sees the fans as the 12th man, supporting the players and the team, and that was a massive recollection of my time first time around. Let’s get that energy again! As manager, part of my role is to engage with fans and keep that passion for what I want to achieve here – what we all want to achieve – success for AFC Liverpool.

Thanks very much Chris. We are really looking forward to the coming season!

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