Gibbons Appointed Manager

Joe Gibbons 2AFC Liverpool are pleased to announce that Joe Gibbons has been appointed the new first team manager.

Gibbons takes over the role of manager as Paul Moore takes up his new role as Director of Football. The former midfielder joined AFC Liverpool in 2010 and made thirty two appearances for the club before suffering a horrific injury that prematurely brought an end to his playing career. Gibbons then joined Moore’s coaching staff in 2013 and was made assistant manager in July 2015.

‘I’m really pleased to announce that Joe has been appointed as our new manager,’ said Chairman Chris Stirrup. ‘Joe’s been around this football club for a number of years as a player, as a coach and then as Paul’s assistant manager. Now, with Joe making the step up, it feels right. It feels like a natural progression. Joe’s his own man and he’ll bring in his own ideas. He’s going for his UEFA A Licence and he’ll bring his own football philosophy and it’s a good chance for him to put his own marker down. He’s got the full backing of everyone at this football club and we all wish him well and look forward to everything he can achieve with us as we embark on this new chapter.’

‘I’d obviously like to thank Mooresy for putting my name forward and the experience he’s given me over the past two years,’ said Gibbons. ‘I’d also like to thank the board for putting their trust in me because obviously they could have gone out and gotten anyone they’d wanted. It’s a good job and I’m sure a lot of people would have jumped at the opportunity to manage AFC Liverpool, so I’d like to thank the board for that.’

‘We’ve always had the plan of Joe moving the football club on from a footballing perspective,’ added Moore. ‘He’s his own man and he’s an up and coming manager with lots of potential who’s more than ready to take his UEFA A Licence. He’s certainly well liked by everyone at the club, he’s got loads of good ideas and I don’t think that the club could have given the job to a better man.’

‘I can’t wait to get going and I’m really excited to be manager,’ stated Gibbons. ‘Hopefully I can build on what Mooresy has put in place and go from there. It’s a going to be a good challenge, one that I’m really excited by as we’ve got some top, top players in our squad. I’ve got the full backing of the board and with Mooresy stepping up to the Director of Football role, I can call on him for experience and help if I need it.

‘I passed my UEFA B Licence three years ago and I’ll be taking my A Licence next year, so even though it’s my first job, I’ve got the experience of working under Mooresy for two years and I’ve got the experience of coaching and seeing how everything works. Saying that, I’ll be looking to further my learning all the time. You can never say you know everything and you can never learn enough. Football changes all the time and you’ve got to change with it.

‘I think AFC Liverpool has a lot potential to go places and I want to be the one to take them out of this league. I’d love nothing more than that to get the club into the next league and take it step by step from there. I want to do as well as we can this season. I was looking at the league table before and if we win our games in hand, we can be up and around the top end. Everyone is capable of beating everyone else in this league. There are no easy games and I expect the other teams to be taking points off of each other. If we keep picking points up and doing our thing, and not concentrate on anyone else, then come the end of the season, we can say we gave everything we got and if it doesn’t happen, that’s fair enough but we’ll keep going every single game.

‘I don’t like bigging myself up but I’m honest. I’ll never shirk away from a challenge and I’ll never lie to the lads. I can tell the fans that I’ll give this job everything I can and ask that they put their trust in me. I’ll get a hundred percent out of the lads and that’s all you can ever ask. As long as they give a hundred percent in training, on matchdays and are honest, that’s all I’ll ever ask.’

Photo courtesy of Dave Williams.

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